Tanzania Road system

Area code 255 Common abbreviation EAT Last updated 14-1-2018
Road class Syntax explanation Administrative subordination Sub classes Zones System Remarks
Trunk road T[0-9]<1-2> national 1-d Sequential
Regional road R[0-9]<3> national By province: Sequential per province
101-119 Kagera
141-169 Mwanza
181-199 Mara
201-239 Arusha and Manyara
261-299 Kilimanjaro
301-339 Kigoma
340-359 Shinyanga
381-399 Tabora
401-439 Singida
461-499 Dodoma
501-521 Tanga
541-569 Rukwa
571-599 Mbeya
601-649 Iringa
661-699 Morogoro
701-719 Pwani
781-799 Dar es Salaam
801-839 Ruvuma
841-859 Lindi
871-899 Mtwara
General description:
Trunk roads: the T1 is known as the TANZAM highway and leads from Dar es Salaam to Zambia (and on to Lusaka). The road from Chalinze to Kenya is the T2. The main road from Dar es Salaam is the T7. Other 1-d roads are mostly main national links. Higher numbers are used for less important roads.
Regional roads have 3-digit numbers. They are almost never paved.

Numbers are assigned roughly per province from north to south, with numbers beginning with the same digit forming zones, except for numbers beginning with 5. The provinces are ordered in rows from west to east.

Roads starting in one province keep their number when they cross a provincial border.

Only Arusha and Manyara do not seem to have their own ranges and just share numbers between 200 and 240.
Road signs: Green with white text on main roads, white with black text on other roads.
History: Until the 1980’s, there was a joint A road numbering system with Kenya, and B roads. Then a new system was introduced with A numbers. Only very few numbers in this system are known:
A1 Dar es Salaam - Chalinze - Moshi
A6 Chalinze - Morogoro
Probably around 2000, the current system was introduced.
Initially there were only numbers 1-19, but later numbers up to 41 were introduced.
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